Style with Purpose

Style with Purpose: It’s the psychology of fashion.

97: the percentage of women who have a negative body image. After repeated exposure to media glorifying certain body features, we forget that all body types are beautiful—especially our own. Eventually, we may find ourselves dressing to fit in when we should dress to stand out. This is a cruel reality that has affected women all over the world for far too long.

Experimenting with style can feel vulnerable. So vulnerable that many women don’t experiment with fashion at all. If this sounds like you, girl, you are not alone. Women everywhere have let the world determine what is “appropriate” for their figures instead of confidently wearing whatever makes them feel beautiful from the inside out. Thanks to you and your support, that trend ends here.

Hi I’m Courtney, eclectic stylist and founder of 7.4.0, and I’m honored to welcome you to Style with Purpose. This is an initiative that celebrates women by enhancing their uniqueness through style and mindset coaching while bringing awareness to discrimination and mental health.

Getting involved is easy. Book a styling session with me and 30% of every styling fee will be donated to organizations that elevate women’s voices through mental health therapy and educational resources. Every 30 days, Style with Purpose will highlight and support a new organization. Soon, you’ll be able to choose exactly what organization your 30% donation supports!

Whether virtually or in-person, my job is to help women feel confident in their bodies. I’ll support you in rediscovering your purpose and beauty so that together, we can ensure that women all over the globe are provided the tools necessary to find beauty in their purpose, too. After all, the world is a lot more colorful when we let our uniqueness shine. 

Book a free style consultation with me today here!

*Know of an organization that would be a good fit for Style with Purpose? Send it my way for review. I’ll be consistently researching organizations that align with this initiative and would love to hear your suggestions!

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