Details Matter


I’ve been digging the floppy hats for some time now and love it with this look. Make-up was done by the talented, Staci Morgan of Vienna, WV.


It’s all about the details with this look. I love the gold accents on the belt and how it blends in with the black and gold beading, yet still stands out in the best subtle way.

This was such a fun shoot because I got to collaborate with Meredith Crislip for the first time.  I got a Facebook message from her to see if I was interested in collaborating with her and a her friend, make-up artist Staci Morgan.  I was ecstatic for this opportunity because things like this don’t just happen every day.  Meredith has the sweetest soul and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and Staci.  It’s always nice to work with someone that “gets you.”  It’s especially wonderful when you realize how much you have in common. 🙂   Thank you again for these beautiful shots and rockin’ make-up!  Check out some more of their work on Facebook; MD Photography and Instagram @mdphotography57 or her blog;  Staci’s work can be found on Facebook;: Staci Morgan-Makeup Artist and you can follow her Instagram; @makeupmommyde or here; .  Lots of avenues to find these beautiful ladies 🙂

This photo shoot was all about concentrating on the details to create an effortless edgy look.  I love the drama that black brings to a look.  I especially enjoy black and gold with the mix of denim.  I hope to see some of you on Instagram sharing your favorite detailed look.

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