What’s Your Disasterpiece?



One of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali.  I love surrealism because it really illustrates how one single person can view something so differently, yet make it so beautiful.  It’s all about putting a different perspective on your work of art and thinking creatively to produce something wonderful.  I also enjoy his wonderfully odd yet deep take on life.

Around two and a half years ago my little family relocated back to Marietta, Ohio. The transition wasn’t easy for us and it is still taking some work to get us truly settled.  My outlook on life was really hazy for a long time.  It wasn’t until these last couple of months that I decided that I needed to change my point of view on our hardships.  I had to change my way of thinking and get out of my mental rut.  I chose to wallow in my perceived “problems” and wondered why things weren’t “happening” for me and my family. I kept trying to talk myself into thinking things were going to get better.  I used to be such an annoyingly positive person but my negative state of mind didn’t seem to let-up and I got sucked into this dark place of negative thinking. It’s never good when you start to even annoy yourself with your “Negative Nancy” attitude.  Luckily, no one seemed to notice I felt the way that I did, but I knew I had to make a change.

After frantically looking for Pinterest quotes to help re-energize my positive side and seeking out bloggers such as Hilary Rushford, whom I absolutely adore, it FINALLY became clear.  I was focusing so much on what the world views as success. I kept thinking about how my dreams weren’t coming to fruition and started to feel like my degree wasn’t worth it.  Miraculously one day I woke up with so much clarity and I said to myself, “Self, you’re already a success! You have so much moral support for your dreams, an amazing husband that believes in you so much, a healthy and beautiful little lady, a wonderful family (in-laws included) and sensational friends and co-workers. That, my dear is S-U-C-C-E-S-S…SUCCESS!  You’ve achieved what some spend their whole lives searching for; love and support.”

I also realized that I was so caught up in my “Eeyore Syndrome” (that’s what I’m gonna call it) that the reason my dreams weren’t becoming a reality was because I wasn’t taking the necessary steps. I kept saying that I wasn’t “giving up” but I definitely wasn’t doing much of anything to keep working at it!   I started with the first step I could and that was sketching dress designs to achieve one of the levels of my dreams; being a fashion designer.  I decided to seek out a dear old friend of mine named, Allison that studied fashion design and could help turn my sketches into a reality. I also reached out to my mother whom also sews.  Another level of my dreams in the works!

Then I decided to launch this blog to share the different levels of my dream (did I mention that starting my own blog was another dream of mine and it is a now living and breathing thing)?!  I also want to make a difference in people’s lives with their confidence.  The best way I know how to help is by teaching people how to feel amazing in their clothing.  The list of dreams go on but if you continue to follow me, you’ll learn more about them and hopefully see them coming true.

 I’m sharing this story, not to boast or pat myself on the back, but to hopefully put things into perspective for some of my fellow dreamers out there. Train your mind to see things in a positive light.  Try to really think about whatever you’re viewing as a disaster or roadblock and see it as the necessary steps in completing your masterpiece in life. I call it my “disasterpiece.” Some might say this term sounds a little negative, but sometimes life can be messy and is not always rainbows and butterflies.  “Disasterpiece” it is! 🙂 What you think is a disaster and meant to break you is actually meant to turn you into the powerful being you’re destined to be! If you take anything away from this at all, remember that YOUR dreams matter and you CAN do it!  Also, the most important thing to remember is to count your blessings even when they may feel hard to see.  If you look deep enough, you’ll see how much positivity actually exists in your life.  One thing I already know about you is that if you’re reading this, you’re alive and that is a blessing right there for you to count!

What steps are you taking to achieve your dreams?  If you need advice or want a listening ear, I’d love to hear from you. Visit my “Share with Me” page and let’s chat! 

Your Faithful Dreamer,


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