Layering 101

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I love this leopard print sweater and I like to jazz it up with different layering pieces. This faux leather vest helps me channel my inner rocker chick (lol). I may be 34 but age is just a number baby! Never too old for studs. Please also take note I didn’t go with an obvious black shoe. I chose to go with a suede neutral taupe heel.


This is obviously an easy look; a sweater and jeans. When I got this sweater I didn’t love how it was crop-like but I loved the print. Don’t get me wrong I love a crop top when done correctly, but this length is a little more difficult to pull off. I decided to use a textured tank underneath to add dimension and length to the look so that I would feel more comfortable.


This layering technique is a little different in the fact of how I am using two different patterns. I love how the leopard print sleeves act as a peek-a-boo with the oversized sweater. I’m not going to be cold wearing this! This may not be a look for everybody, but maybe it will inspire you to mix patterns or layer sweaters. I view leopard print as a chic, neutral print that can be paired with other prints. I also believe stripes and polka dots operate the same way.


This shows how layering can be purposeful. I took the leopard sweater off and tied it around my waist. I now have a textured tank top that will help cool me down when I might be entering a different climate. I feel like I am NEVER a comfortable temperature so this look works out wonderfully for me.

If you need some pointers on more layering techniques and playing with textures or different prints, feel free to comment below and we can discuss what will work best for you. 🙂

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