Fun with Bow Ties



This weekend I stopped into the newer shop located in downtown Marietta, Ohio- Wit & Whimzy.  I have the honor of helping contribute with the online lifestyle magazine, Clutch MOV.  It just so happens that I’ve met the owner, Laura Pytlik through this online magazine and I feel it fits perfectly into our charming downtown area.  What’s so special about her shop is that all of the items are hand-crafted.  For instance, take this bow tie collection.  The creator of this bow tie was Athens, Ohio resident, Joel Lensch and he owns Lucky Tie Co.  Make sure and check them both out for yourself!

img_4641Shop located on 152 Front Street Marietta, Ohio 45750

I’ve always had a little fascination with bow ties.  I love them on both males and females when done right.  I’m a firm believer that anyone that wants to pull off a trend can do so. But keep in mind, it has to be done just right sometimes. Especially with something like a bow tie.  It also needs to fit your personality and what you’re wearing that day.  BUT, if you pair it with the right thing, it very well might be suitable.  That’s the thing with fashion. Every trend can look great on anyone when executed properly.

Personally, I love seeing a bow tie on a female because there’s something that’s cute and sexy about it.  Think of when you wear your partner’s tee shirt or button-down, it’s kind of like that!  I also like to think that “anything boys can do we can do better!”  Am I right, ladies? I mean I love seeing the tailored tuxedos on women like Janelle Monae or Gwen Stefani (it doesn’t help that I absolutely adore their styles).  There’s something about a woman dressed in this attire that exudes confidence.  I always think back on women like Diane Keaton who are known for rockin’ this look (again, another woman I swoon over).

I’m writing you today to encourage you to keep testing your limits on your personal style. If you like the way something looks on someone else, try it!  The worst thing that can happen is you feel ridiculous OR you surprise yourself and rock the look you’ve always admired.  My biggest piece of advice is to always try something you’d love to “pull off.” But, if it doesn’t feel right it’ll show.  The only thing that can truly be viewed as a one size fits all ordeal is a winter scarf because it serves a purpose and keeps you warm. Bottom-line?  Be yourself, but don’t miss out on something you may end up loving. Also, if you’re trying a new look, ask a friend that has some style, not someone that is in the same boat as you.  Feel free to tag me on some pics on instagram and I’ll be glad to give you some pointers; @randomosity740.

If you want to try a bow tie for yourself and need some lessons on tying the perfect bow tie, don’t ask me!  Ha, ha…I had to YouTube it and ask my husband for some help.  But try this diagram below I found online from


Your Faithful Dreamer,


2 thoughts on “Fun with Bow Ties

  1. I’m so glad you are a regular visitor to Wit & Whimzy! It was fun watching you incorporate a bow tie into your own fabulous outfit–and an honor to have you styling our products!


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