Alley Faux Leather



I love all of the secret alleys throughout downtown Marietta, Ohio.  This one I love because it’s really close to the newly renovated, Peoples Bank Theater.  I like to imagine all of the different people that used to walk this same path to watch different performances and shows at the once named, Colony Theater.  I also like to think about what they used to wear to these said events.

I am a bit obsessed with leather-looking fashion.  This dress is one of my favorites because it’s just the perfect amount!  I chose a strappy suede stiletto which was the perfect accent color to match my accessories.  I don’t always like to match my accessories exactly, but with this I loved the affect it had. I also broke it up with adding gold pieces too.


This might be one of my favorite looks that I’ve ever put together.  I switched up the shoes and added knee high socks and ankle booties.  I also threw on a flowy black wrap to keep me nice and cozy. Leather-looking clothing can be intimidating for some people and that’s okay.  Like I always say, don’t be afraid to try it if it’s something you are drawn to.  Maybe try it in small doses, such as a top that has leather piping around the neckline, or maybe it’s just the sleeves of a shirt. You can do it!


I couldn’t resist adding this photo because I just love the graffiti and what the message is, “This is Me.”  It made me think that maybe this act of vandalism was someone trying to share with the world that they won’t change for anyone.  Maybe there wasn’t much thought put into at all.  Either way it made me think, YES!!! Always be yourself no matter what!

There are so many layers to yourself that you still haven’t discovered.  Embrace each layer, no matter how difficult some of the things we discover about our self we may not like.  Just know that you’re growing into the person you’ve been called to be.


Your Faithful Dreamer,


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