Walk into the Dark



I’m so glad that faux fur vests are still on trend this season.  One reason is because it always keeps me nice and warm!  Secondly, I love the look of course.  This has some influence from my previous post, Alley Faux Leather.  I’m wearing my faux leather ponte pants with my fuschia strappy shoes again.  This time I paired it with my vest and a sheer top (another $2.00 find from Zonta’s Unique Boutique!)  I also didn’t use a lot of accessories because the accent color and vest have enough impact.


Now I realize this look is extremely daring, especially to wear in a small town but I still love it!  I don’t let the town I live in dictate what I want to wear.  If I want to wear it, I do. This is the same top I had on in the previous picture and I wore a simple black bra underneath.  Another fun look to experiment with if you’re up for the challenge 🙂


Maybe the previous image was a little too much for your taste and that’s no problem!  Just add another layer with a tank.  I used gray because it was less predictable.  I think this look inspired my little girl, Harper because she just had to pose next to me.  I think it’s safe to say this is a more dressier”mommy-friendly” look.  Harper is my world and I take her with me most of the time during my fashion escapades while her daddy takes my pictures.  They’re absolute troopers and if I didn’t have them to support me, this blog may not have existed.


Your Faithful Dreamer,


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