Edgy Comfort


There’s nothing better than a comfy, yet trendy look especially right after the holidays after partaking in multiple feasts (lol)!  Here I’m showing you how to enhance a hooded sweatshirt with a few layering techniques.


I paired black tattered denim to bring an edge to this look.  Then I layered a faux leather jacket that helped add dimension and a different texture.  Mixing materials and fabric can really elevate a simple look and take it to the next level.  I added studded heels to make the look less casual but this would look awesome with Chucks or Vans too.  I would wear this out shopping, running errands or even a casual night hanging out with friends or the family.


To finish the look I added a touch of color with this lynne&lucille necklace made from a bullet my husband got me for Christmas along with this amazing Homage hoodie ❤


Apparently our little Harper is going to make an appearance on my blog moving forward.  I couldn’t resist 🙂

Now that you’ve learned how to do edgy-comfy with your style, I’d love to see what you came up with!

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Capturing the Dreamer


I’m in my third month of blogging and I can’t believe how many little blessings have occurred.  I’ve made a few leaps of faith and have put myself out there and formed new friendships!

If you live in the Mid-Ohio Valley you’ve probably already heard of the Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy.  If not, now you have and you should look them up!  I’ve had the pleasure of befriending these lovely and kind ladies all through the power of social media and networking.  It’s funny how a simple “friend request” isn’t always taken so literal.  If you really think about it, how many people have you either sent a request to or accepted a request without really wanting to be their real life”friend?”  I used to view it that way until I kept thinking of how powerful and positive facebook could be.  Imagine using facebook for positivity and forming real life friendships rather than venting about negative things and stalking “strangers” profiles! 🙂 Get to know some of your facebook friends by sending a positive note or liking more of their pictures just to simply show that you are enjoying their “friendship.”  I met Andi, Jesse, Jocelyn and Jessica all through facebook.  I had actually met Jocelyn in person on numerous occasions before anyone else and always knew their was something special about her.  Little did I know she was going to be a shining light into this new journey of mine.

Social media and networking are such powerful tools and led me to these new group of empowering women and a group I’ve craved and sought out to have in my life.  The Hot Tomato gals invited me to collaborate with them during a special event they were heading up this past month called Sparkly Ladies Night.  They entrusted me with something very important to them and I can’t begin to describe how incredible that feeling was, and a little stressful but in such a great way! I mean a girl wants to make a good impression, right?  I viewed that as my initiation ha, ha!  I believe this relationship is the beginning of something beautiful.

Ran.dom.o.si.ty 7.4.0 is going to do something exciting this coming new year!  I will be collaborating and assisting Hot Tomato with photo shoots, guest blogging and conducting fashion workshops in their space.  During these fashion workshops women will learn to become stylish while discovering a new version of themselves; self-love and positivity.  Once the workshops have been lined up, I will post the dates and times on the website and will also be creating events on my facebook page.  So, if you haven’t “liked” my facebook page or Hot Tomato’s please make sure you do now.  I’d love for you to be a part of this journey.   Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my website yet, please do so.

Now that I’m going to be a part of the Hot Tomato crew it was only appropriate to experience what it was like to be a client first-hand.  They gave me one of the best experiences while shooting my head shots.  I didn’t know what to expect when it came to their version of head shots because I knew with their style it was bound to be something unique.  I gave them one little request; I wanted them to capture the fact that I was a dreamer. Now, I didn’t even know what that would look like exactly but they nailed it! I told them a little bit about my dreams during the “getting to know you” portion of the shoot. Check out my “head shots” below and make sure to scope out some of their other work because it is absolutely lovely!  A huge hug to all of the Hot Tomato crew ❤  I can’t wait for our collaboration!


Your Faithful Dreamer,


Baby it’s Cold Outside




Blanket scarf from Rowe Boutique in Columbus, Ohio.


Earrings from Wit & Whimzy in Marietta, Ohio.

With the weather finally getting brisk, I thought I would share a few tips on how to stay warm and trendy.  As you might already know, I love layering and winter is the best time to take full advantage of doing so.

I love my thigh high velvet boots because they are lined and extremely warm!  Win-win in my eyes; stylish AND warm.  Believe it or not these shoes are comfortable too because they’re wedges and the heels are only a few inches high.

My blanket scarf is truly like wearing a blanket because of how cozy and warm it is.  I wore it with my newer faux leather jacket because it keeps me warm without wearing an oversized, heavy jacket.  And the best thing about wearing this combo together? You can wear a comfy warm shirt or even a hoody underneath and still look like you’re stylish because of the jacket and boots.  I wore my shimmery silver sweater because I wanted to show off one my early Christmas surprises my mom sent me; a bralette.  Just another little touch of texture and fun if I wanted to take off my jacket and scarf.

This is a great layering outfit to wear while running errands in the cold weather or Christmas shopping.  One thing I hate about shopping in the winter is having to lug around a heavy coat.  With a look like this you can keep your jacket on.  Make sure and bring a bigger handbag so you can store any of your winter accessories when it might get too warm indoors.

I only wore earrings with this look because of all of the different layers I was already wearing.  I chose an extra special pair; my leather chain earrings from Wit & Whimzy.

I hope you have fun layering this winter! As always, feel free to message me to share your looks or if you need some more advice.

Your Faithful Dreamer,