Your Journey to Self-discovery through Fashion


Yesterday I hosted my first Fashion Workshop at the Hot Tomato Studio. I had such a wonderful time listening to the fashion obstacles people were encountering. There were people from different backgrounds, ages, sizes and styles. But the common theme amongst all of them was a lack of confidence. Most of them felt like they couldn’t take risks or felt like they were in limbo with their style and not sure what to do; you know, feeling too old for Forever 21 but too young for “granny” clothing.

I continue to talk about the psychology of fashion with my students and how we get in our own way when it comes to transitioning into different phases of life; graduating college, starting a new job or lifestyle and then of course either getting older, gaining weight or having children. Life is busy and crazy but it can be so much fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously and want to have a more positive spin on it. When fashion doesn’t come so easy to people it can become this exhausting task and fill your mind with dread or negativity. The thought of getting ready for the day or a special occasion might even make you cringe. When you attend a workshop with me, my goal is to empower you to be brave and take those risks. Tear down those barriers that keep us in this box of how we think we should be dressing. Don’t limit yourself.

After the workshop I was so proud to hear and even see pictures of some of my students that went shopping immediately after the workshop. And get this…they tried things on outside of their comfort zone! Hey girl, hey (High-five)! Now we’re planning a shopping trip with the attendees from this workshop! How fun is that?

I’m here to tell all of you that YOU CAN DO IT! Have patience with yourself and enjoy this process of self-discovery. How do you want to be portrayed in the world through your style? I personally want to show my eclectic view on life by mixing crazy patterns and making it work.


As always, please feel free to contact me with any fashion obstacles you encounter!

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Tropical Winter

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I think we can all agree that the weather has been quite crazy this season in the Mid-Ohio Valley. In the 20’s one day and the 60’s the next. It has inspired me to show you how to wear a summer garment in the winter.



I love these tropical shorts and the reason these shorts work for the winter is because they are made of a polyester blend fabric; suitable for all seasons. I mixed this velvet bodysuit (which I swore I would never buy one because I wore bodysuits in elementary school. But, the good thing about them? They never untuck! This is why I decided to buy one. Plus it can be a challenge to find appropriate form-fitting shirts).


I then decided to pair these fuschia, suede, strappy heels to complete this look. I wore fleece-lined tights to keep my legs warm as well. Don’t be afraid to wear open toed shoes in the winter with tights. These are a good example because they are suede.


I love this look because I tend to wear dark colors in the winter and playing with bold prints ¬†and bright colors can be fun! This was new for me so why don’t you challenge yourself and give it a try ūüôā

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Downtown Gal



My favorite kind of looks are the ones that you can wear multiple ways (if you couldn’t tell already lol). Here, I’m wearing a pencil dress but layered it with a sweater and tied it on the side to cinch the waistline rather than wearing a belt. ¬†I used my faux leather jacket to give the look a bit of an edge and my black booties. ¬†Originally, I was going to wear black studded pumps but opted to wear my booties instead a.) because I love them and my sister got them for me as a present and b.) I wanted to show that you can wear a bootie with tights and a dress.


Now, I’ve taken off the sweater and tied it around my waist to give it a different layering look. ¬†This dress is sleeveless so you can do the same look in the warmer months without tights and a jacket. ¬†Then, throw on some fun heels and a lightweight cardigan around your waist for when you enter into cooler environments like restaurants.¬†See what I did there? ¬†Another favorite thing I do with my clothing is style things that I can wear during every season as long as I layer it purposefully.


Here’s the first look without the jacket so you can see what the layered sweater looks like.

What clothing do you have in your closet that you could wear multiple ways? ¬†I guarantee there’s something in there. Is it a patterned skirt you always pair with the same top? ¬†Or maybe it’s your “go-to” dress for special occasions that you need to freshen up. If you want some fashion tips on a piece, drop me a line on my contact page and I’d be glad to give you some advice ūüôā

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Tone on Tone Fashion


A lot of questions I get from women revolve around what colors to wear.  Well, this is an interesting question and to me, there is no simple answer.  Everything is more on a case-by-case scenario.

I truly believe you can wear any color you want as long as you find the right shade of that color for your skin tone. ¬†It’s also dependent on what accessories you pair with it. With that being said, I wanted to do a post on something that is a popular trend right now, and that is wearing different shades of one color.


In this image I paired two different shades from the same family; burgundy and oxblood. This is one of my favorite family of colors to wear so I decided to try two different shades together.

What does this have to do with knowing what colors you should wear? Well, everyone has one color they feel good in, right? ¬†Try pairing your favorite color with another shade from the same family. ¬†It’ll probably get you out of your comfort zone and help you discover another shade that you didn’t know you’d like on yourself.

Made with Repix (

I also paired a blush toned earring with this look because it is the pastel version of the same color family. Now I’ve played with three different shades from one color family! ¬†Look at us getting all experimental now! ¬†ūüėČ


Apparently, my little Harper Simone is going to make a debut every week ūüôā ¬†Love her little personality ‚̧ ¬†As always, feel free to share a look you put together using multiple shades from one color family with me. Harper and I would¬†love to see it!


Your Faithful Dreamer,


My Night as a Sparkly Lady


POP, FIZZ, CLINK! ¬†Those were some of the sounds you heard during this year’s Sparkly Ladies Night. ¬†As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to become part of the Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy glam squad. ¬†I’m over the moon excited about this and with the new year it can only keep going up from here! ¬†I have a few other things in the works and can’t wait to share the dates when the time is right.

If you’ve been following me on my journey, you probably read my post about “Capturing the Dreamer.” ¬†I mentioned my “initiation” in becoming a Hot Tomato. ¬†The Sparkly Ladies Night was my time to really help a dream come to fruition. ¬†As you know I am a “faithful dreamer,” so assisting someone else in making their dream come true, well that is just a fantastic feeling. ¬†For the first year of the takeover it really came together and we had a wonderful response. ¬†The years to come will get even bigger and better.

Every doll-face was having a grand time in our re-creation of a 1920’s speakeasy. ¬†All of the ladies looked fabulous and I was impressed with how everyone went all out for their looks! One of the best things about this party was that everyone was from different backgrounds and age groups, yet all having a lovely time with another. ¬†You saw women dancing on the bar and even getting their mugshots taken (I mean it WAS during prohibition and we felt like being naughty). ¬† Who doesn’t love a good theme party?

Below are the sultry ladies and masterminds of the Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy that I’ll be working alongside. Love them already! ¬†If you’ve EVER thought about taking pin-up style or boudoir photos, these ladies are the ones to bring your vision to help bring to life and make you feel beautiful, sexy, cute, etc. ¬†And since you’re following my blog right now, you know how I adore fashion and pride myself on making women feel confident. I’ll be there to help style and put you at ease as well. ¬†You can message me or the Hot Tomato gals too. Visit their website to view their portfolio and contact information at

Below you’ll see a glimpse of some of the decor that we used to help transform The River Town Grill on Second Street in downtown Marietta, Ohio. ¬†It was the ideal space for us to use for the 20’s. ¬†All of the brick along with the dim lighting contributed perfectly for the aesthetic we were going for. The staff and team were truly amazing and we really want to give them a huge thank you! ¬†ESPECIALLY for having to deal with all of the glitter.

If you’ve heard of this party and have been curious to check it out next year, I’ve got a treat for you! Below is a sneak peek of all the fun the ladies had this year. ¬†If you would like to find your mugshot below to put on your facebook click here.

And CLEARLY I had a blast! ¬†Rockin’ out like always ūüôā ‚̧


Your Faithful Dreamer,