Rocker Style-Never Grow Up


I love me some rock music, but when you get to be 34, it makes it a little harder to feel like it’s appropriate. But the fashion stylist side of me is saying, “you can make it appropriate, don’t let your age dictate your personal style!” So here’s my spin on an age-appropriate rocker look!


I paired one of my favorite band tees with a pair of black denim from Express and a black blazer from H&M.  To add a little more edge I knotted the tee (throwback from my Hot Topic days) and wore studded shoes and cross body bag.

I loved these Native American inspired earrings to add more metal in my accessories. I also liked the little bit of color. These earrings were a Christmas present from an adorable boutique in Lewisburg, WV called Wolf Creek Gallery.


What style do you think you’re too old for but would like to still incorporate in your wardrobe?

Your Faithful Dreamer,



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