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This coming weekend is going to be an epic weekend getaway!  Why, you ask?  I get to spend it with two of my oldest friends, Christy and Allyson.  My next blog post will go into the history of us and how we became friends. Plus, I’ll have the opportunity to style and take photos of them; a little pampering for the besties.

I know this trip is going to be a little more relaxing and not so much what we would’ve done when we were in our twenties, so I decided to share a look that I would wear while we lollygag in the city. Make sure to check out the next blog post to see what else I wore for the weekend getaway.


This lightweight jacket and flats from Target are a must in San Francisco for walking around the city.  This look wouldn’t be complete without my arrowhead necklace from Twisted Sisters Boutique in downtown Marietta, Ohio.


I loved the idea of wearing tan with black and white stripes because it is not always the obvious choice.  It helps bring contrast and interest to the look.  Same with my tan, suede flats.  I could’ve easily gone with the black flats but wanted to mix it up.  What’s your favorite thing to pair with stripes?


Your Faithful Dreamer,





Psst!  Hey you…yea, you! Have you ever seen the movie, Clueless and wish you had Cher’s computer program that helped her pick out her #ootd?  Well, I have a treat for you. I came across this app called GlamOutfit on my iPhone and will continue to talk about how fantabulous (yes, fantastic and fabulous put in one word) it is in my fashion workshops. And well, anyone else that might be interested; the mailman, barista, or someone in line at the grocery store?  Who knows!? I love it because you can upload your entire closet along with accessories and shoes to keep a running inventory of what you own.  You can request people to “style you” which is great for when you feel overwhelmed about what you should wear for a certain occasion. Or maybe you want to see what other people would put together.  You know how easy it is for us to be “so over” our clothes.  Sometimes it just takes an outsider looking at your closet with a fresh set of eyes.

Here’s what using the app looks like:

1.) Upload images of your clothing and it will allow you to categorize it by color and subject (i.e. top, bottom, shoes, etc)


**PLEASE NOTE** the “style me” icon at the bottom center of the above image.  This is where you can request someone to style you.  The hanger icon is your closet and the shopping bag icon is where you can shop from the app for additional items you may need.


This is what the page looks like where you can create the filters to categorize your clothing.


Once you put together a look you can also schedule a time to wear what was created.  This works out perfectly for vacations or if you are a pre-planner in general.


When you click on the shopping bag icon it takes you to the shopping page which looks like this. It’s also categorized by using a filter button by topic.  This is perfect for those times when you need an item to go with the one piece you thought you could wear a lot, only to find out that it wasn’t the right color. Do you return it or find something else to go with it?  If it is a special enough piece, look for something else to pair it with in your closet.


You can also add a “selfie” image to your “outfits” section so you remember what you put together and how it looked (the above image).

All-in-all this app has been great.  I actually am one of the stylists for this app so I can go in and style YOU!  This is a free app and is meant to help you organize your wardrobe and feel good about your clothing and look at them a little differently.

The two main ways I use this app are to style people and take it with me when I go shopping.  What better way to know if that beautiful shirt you picked out is going to go with anything else you own? Or is it too similar to what you already have?  To me, this is the smart way of shopping.

I’m sure there are many other ways this app can be used, but for me this is how I use it and it is s very handy tool.  Good luck and I hope you enjoy the GlamOutfit app! Let me know if you try it and how you like it?

Your Faithful Dreamer,

Courtney 7.4.0’s Business Casual



When someone says to dress business casual it can have a few different interpretations. I am going to share my version of business casual and how I like to portray it for work.  Here, I have paired a sleeveless leopard print top with a zipper detail.  I paired it with a nice tailored white blazer (a staple every woman should have in their closet) and then a medium wash denim pant.

I always like to pair things a little more different than my first instinct.  Typically, I would wear a dark denim wash pant for business casual because it gives it a dressier feel, but I thought I would try this medium wash to show that it can be done too.  I also try to make outfits versatile, meaning that I can take my white blazer off and be ready for a night out with friends too.


Now, I LOVE these cobalt blue wedges and adore how the brown fringe stands out alongside them.  The fringe brings great texture to the look and again, is unexpected with a look like this.  Usually I would wear the fringe bag with more of a bohemian look such as a maxi dress or flowy top which is very predictable.  But I wanted to show that you can get more wear out of pieces like this.  Plus, it was a birthday present from one of my dearest friends, Maggie and I like to wear it as much as I can.

What questions do you have about business casual?  Or maybe you want to share your interpretation.  I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Favorite Spring Trends


Spring and fall fashion are my favorite seasons of fashion because you get to layer clothing and experiment with new trends.  Check out some of my favorite trends for spring and summer below.


The denim ruffle dress is a hot trend this coming season and it is the perfect layering item.  To give the dress a different look you could pair it with this tribal, tassel scarf.  This is a great piece in the springtime because it gives you that extra layer of warmth when needed.

The ruffle trend carries over in this beautiful maxi dress that incorporates the cold-shoulder look.  Exposing the shoulders can be such a subtle, sexy look for the springtime.  I also love it paired with something like this choker because it’s unexpected yet brings a different element to the look.  You could also throw on a black leather jacket and combat boots to give it an edgy appeal during those iffy spring days.

This adorably sweet shirt-style shift dress is perfect for spring.  You can pair it with a brown belt and blouse it over and wear it with skinny jeans or simply keep it as is and wear a long pendant or statement necklace.  And of course pair it with some rad sunglasses.

Overall the trends to watch for this coming season and summer are the ruffles and floral prints.  As I always say, make sure and mix it up, experiment with your style and start with some of the above items to build your spring wardrobe!

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Wedding Fun



This weekend my husband and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate some amazing life events for some wonderful friends. We got to spend some time with one of my friends from college that is expecting a child and watch one of our other friends get married. Two of the best things that can happen to couples. ❤

The above image was a dress I bought from Francesca’s Collections and was the inspiration for what I wore to the wedding but I added a few layers since we were in the “Windy City.”


Here I am with some wonderful women I get to call friends. I loved getting the texts from each of them asking for fashion advice prior to the wedding. It means the world to me when women reach out to me. I love any opportunity I get to help someone with their confidence, even if it’s in a slight way.

As you can see in the image above, I styled my dress a little differently. I threw some black tights, red shooties and a statement necklace on to create a slightly different look.


Here is one other look I used with my dress. I used my leopard print button-down as a way to cinch my dress up to make it look more like a tunic. I then paired it with my frayed denim. I’ve also worn the button-down top underneath the dress to create a really unique look.

Always try to have a different perspective when looking at your clothes. What ways can you accessorize a basic item to make it look different? Share your look with me 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,