DIY Denim Workshop



Last weekend I hosted my first DIY Denim Workshop at the Hot Tomato Studio. We went over different techniques and trimming ideas for our older denim we wanted to transform. I loved seeing everyone’s excitement and designs they came up with. Take a look at the end products:


Kristen went patriotic with the inside cuffs of her denim.


Abbie added some pyramids and abstract paint designs with mini hearts ❤


Jesse is heading to Aruba soon and wanted to add some color and excitement to her denim.  How cute are these pom pom’s?


And don’t forget about the Aruba patch 😉


Franci took the time to distress some of her old denim for her daughter.IMG_8132


And then a pair for herself 🙂


Linda assisted with her sewing skills and all of her fun accessories to add to the denim; a potato and coasters to create a painted stamped look and more patches!


I added some ruffles to an old pair of denim shorts.  Now, maybe I will wear them because it helped add length to the shorts! lol.


All fun ideas and I loved the different creative sides these women let out.  Some just went to town and then others spent time thinking about how they envisioned their denim turning out.  All beautiful ways to celebrate your individuality.  The best part of this was listening to 90’s music and laughing with one another. It’s so therapeutic to hang out with a group of women crafting it up!  Thanks again to all of you that came to the workshop!


Your Faithful Dreamer,


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