Fall Essentials-Part 1



Fall weather has officially arrived! My favorite season of the year. I love layering and mixing things up. I will be blogging about a few fall essentials for my next couple of blog posts so stay tuned.

My first recommended fall fashion piece? A quilted vest like the one I am wearing from Talbots. This is a great alternative to wearing a jacket when you’re not really wanting to wear one or carry it around. This one is waterproof and also very warm.  I chose to pair it with my gray flounce sleeve Talbots sweater and button-fly denim. I love small details which is why I cuff the denim and appreciate the flounce sleeve.


Next I created a richer, more edgy look with the vest. I stuck with the details for my sleeves on my other sweater from Talbots in this beautiful pine color and wore my leopard print over-the-knee boots. These boots are always conversation starters when I wear them and they really help create a different vibe for the vest. Clearly I give them two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻.


So if you really like to layer make sure and get one of these wonderful, longer vests to keep you all snuggly wuggly!  And don’t forget how casual you can make this vest too. For instance, if you’re a skier this would create a fantastic snow bunny look with fitted ski pants for those warmer ski days.

So tell me, what’s YOUR favorite fall piece to wear?

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Leave a Message at the Tone…


Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to turn on your voicemail to your hectic life and just go play? Courtney can’t come to the phone right now, she’s out making memories and having mindless fun. It’s funny how all you want to do is grow older when you’re a child so you can drive, get a part-time job to you have your own money and move out.  Then you come to be 35 years old only to realize that those are some of the most precious times and you wish so badly life was still that simple. I love my crazy life but I wish so badly there were mental health days where you can check out of work at the last minute and take your child out of school for the day; Sorry, my child is missing school today because we need to go make some more memories. 

Life is nuts and especially for our children. We, as parents have to work harder than ever to get our kids to put the technology down and go be a kid. We all know that we never really had that issue growing up because it wasn’t everywhere you look. Now we go out to a restaurant and there’s a touch screen game pad for kids to play with. Thanks for making my child not want to connect with us while we eat dinner as a family. But hey, at least the neighboring tables can enjoy their dinner without our child being disruptive (eye roll). Don’t get me wrong we have electronics for our little one and have a lot of opportunity when it comes to unplugging, but my point is that it’s almost inescapable.

It’s hard enough being a parent these days with all the “do this, don’t do that” and then on top of that any criticism from people on social media.  Everyone is a critic but we as parents have to do our best to do just that…our best. The only tools we are given to be successful parents is our gut and intuition.  So here’s to all those parents out there doing their best to make memories with their children while still “adulting.” Continue to put your best efforts forward. Sit down and help your kids with their homework, be silly, tap into your youthful days and don’t be afraid to look stupid in front of others because most likely you’ll be running or jumping around (lol). Just remember, your children’s favorite memories will not consist of things like, “my mom was really great at her job” but more with “my mom always knew how to make me laugh.” At least that’s what we as parents hope for. And absolutely remember that even if you don’t do those Pinterest activities you save to do with your child, it’s okay (lol)!

Please know that when I’m writing a blog post I’m talking to myself too. My posts are reminders for all of us. There is no perfect parent and it’s hard not to compare ourselves to other parents but just know that you’re not alone with your worries or stresses as a parent. One parent might be fantastic at crafts or baking while another parent is really great at free play or maybe quiet activities like reading. Just like no two kids are the same, nor are two parents.

On a side note, I get to see my mom about once a year because we both work full-time and I wanted to share some of our memories from our trip this week. We got to hit up Disney, visit Uncle Donald’s Farm (not my uncle just the name of the place) and relax at the pool all week. The hubby and I got to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary too with a lovely evening out while my mom spent quality time with our daughter, Harper. Oh! Did I mention we decided to take the long way traveling back home to Ohio so we could dip our toes in the sand? We spent about an hour at the beach and it was all worth it to see how excited our little Harper was to be there.

Keep on, keeping on parents!

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Studio 54 Fashion Inspo


Alright, MOV ladies! It’s less than two months away for the Studio 54 themed Sparkly Ladies Night soirée with Hot Tomato. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, make sure you do so….like NOW. Look here’s the link to make it easy on you because there’s a limited amount left. If you’re like me, I LOVE a good theme party and I like to plan in advance because I don’t always have a ready-to-wear garment for said theme. I’ve collected some images on the handy-dandy internet for some inspiration.


Now you’ve probably already googled “Studio 54 fashion” but let’s talk about how you’re going to recreate it like a boss! First and foremost when I think of this era I think gold lame, wrap dresses, jumpsuits, showing some skin, flowy dresses, plunge necklines, dolman sleeves, bangles, and platform shoes. But let’s start with color. What is your power color or one that you love but don’t typically wear? I love bold colors but don’t own a lot. Here are a few images to inspire you to use color.

These chicks are ROCKIN’ some beautiful hues. Look at the details in what they are wearing. Best thing about these looks? Everything these ladies are wearing can be worn on any body type with the right fit for the garment and appropriate accessories. For example, let’s say you love your curves but don’t love your arms. You can throw on a shrug or cape to conceal what you don’t love.

Now, I also think of fur when it comes to this era. Lucky for you faux fur can be found just about anywhere right now. I recently found a great jacket at TJ Maxx that I plan on pairing with a dress that is a multi-colored faux fur coat. Just remember even though Studio 54 was all about show-stopping fashion, not every person that frequented the venue was into being “over-the-top,” you can be subtle too. Maybe pick a piece that has a really special feature, such as something with more structure or sequins. Or maybe you want to stick with the basics-wide leg pants with a fitted top. For this specific event though, don’t forget to doll it up with some layered sparkle. Or maybe you’re not into a feminine look and are inspired by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. If so, go for a menswear look. I love a well-portrayed menswear look on a female. There’s  nothing wrong with an androgynous look with your style. In fact, that can be show stopping too because it’s not as expected and very powerful!

Just remember to have fun with a theme party and be confident in what you choose to wear. The last thing you want to happen is not be happy with your look and let it discourage you from either attending or having fun at the party. As a courtesy I’ll be available via Facebook messenger and Instagram  (@randomosity740) or email (randomosity740@gmail.com) if you would like some tips or feedback on what to pair with something you have in mind.  Or maybe you have no idea what you should wear or where to shop. Hit me up! I’m here to help.

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Can You Believe It? Me Neither


Wow!  Today marks the one year anniversary for me starting my fashion blog!  It took a lot of dedication to continually keep up with it.  It was a goal that I set for myself and I DID IT!!  Man, it feels good to say that I accomplished part of my goal.  Did I meet the expectations I set for myself?  Not 100% but I still kept at it.  Am I where I want it to be yet?  Of course not, I have continual goals that I set for myself.  Have I met amazing people doing what I am doing?  Uhm, YES!!  So many beautiful people out there that have been supporting me and cheering me on. I LITERALLY could not have done this without the support group that I have.  First and foremost I need to give a shout out to my amazing husband, Marc!  He sees the side of me that not everyone does when it comes to dealing with stress and the times I didn’t meet a goal or if I feel like I let someone down.  He is also my personal photographer most of the time with his iPhone in hand ready to go (lol-have you seen the Instagram husbands video? Ha! I at least don’t make him do “shoe pics” together).  He sacrifices a lot for me when it comes to this journey and I can NEVER thank him enough.

Then I have my friends and family that are nothing but encouraging and take the time to respond to any feedback on topics or pics for my blog.  Most of the time I’m embarrassed to send them pictures of myself but I truly appreciate their feedback so I do it anyway.

Then there is this amazing group of women that have helped encourage me and spread the word about my blog in the community.  I truly believe that without these group of ladies, I would not be where I am today with this blog.  They have provided SO many opportunities for me and I am blessed to be a part of this lovely group; The Hot Tomatoes.  And for anyone that has ever attended a fashion workshop of mine, thank you. Owner of Hot Tomato, Andi Roberts has produced some truly amazing photography for some of my work with Clutch MOV and my blog.  She makes me laugh and feel so comfortable.

Speaking of Clutch MOV, I can’t thank them enough for spreading the love of Ran.dom.o.si.ty 7.4.0 throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley when it comes to my fashion articles.  Liv and Nate have done some incredible photography for some of my articles as well.  A huge thank you to Sarah Arnold for allowing me to be a staff writer.  I’m also overly appreciative of shop owner friends, Debbie and Becky of Twisted Sisters Boutique, Teri Ann of Terri Ann’s, Laura of Wit & Whimzy, Stephanie of Peyton & Peppy Boutique, Cathy of Sabika jewelry, Mike of Mizzy’s Deals, and John Rossi Art Studio for either sending lovely texts or facebook messages during this time and/or allowing me to use some of their merchandise in my posts. As well as Meredith of  MD Photography  and Staci of Makeup Mommy DE for making my first blog post ever possible!

A special message to whomever is reading, thank YOU!  Thank you for taking the time to like or even share my posts and to help make one of this gal’s dreams continually come true.  However, my biggest thank you goes to my little girl, Harper Simone.  Without her it would be hard for me to give up on what I am trying to do. What kind of example would I be sending her if I gave up on something.  I want to send a special message to her and that is, if you want to do something in life just go for it and don’t give up!  Never let anyone keep you from going after your dreams if it’s truly your heart’s desire.  And most importantly to remember life isn’t perfect and there will always be haters out there, just don’t let them dim your light.  Some people may not understand your dreams and that’s okay.  Just do you!

Your Faithful Dreamer,


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