Dreaming of a White Christmas


88113165-475B-4877-9584-E5AD1070DDBBWell the countdown has begun. My little girl, Harper made a chain link countdown to Christmas Eve so all we talk about is Christmas. We woke up this morning with literally the slightest dust of snow on the ground.  Needless to say her eyes lit up with excitement and I don’t blame her. Something about the first glimpse of snowfall makes everything seem so magical around the holiday season.

When it comes to winter fashion I adore plaid and anything in the burgundy realm of color (in case you haven’t figured that out about me yet 😁). I also think it’s acceptable to wear winter white. There always seems to be so much controversy about wearing white. Let me clarify a few things beforehand. Winter white is more along the lines of an ivory and not a crisp white like you see in the spring and summer. I also want to add that fabric is an important factor as well. You wouldn’t want to wear linen in the fall or winter so keep all that in mind when wearing winter white.


The above picture is how I paired my winter white denim from Talbots. If you really want to be daring you could do an all winter white look too which is very elegant.

Also, don’t be afraid to wear a maxi skirt in the wintertime too. This color can be festive and flowy. I showed two different ways to dress it up or down. I’m actually wearing my velour bodysuit. I love velour in the winter. It’s such a luscious fabric!

I’m a sucker for accessories and love these pieces. The earrings are made of bullets by Lynne and Lucille, the bracelet is from Red Giraffe Designs and the necklace is from Rocks with Sass. The earrings and bracelet can be found locally at Wit n’ Whimzy.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?


Your Faithful Dreamer,


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