The Story of Us



For those of you that don’t know me very well or maybe even at all, this is a pic of me with my husband, Marc. We met each other in the fall of 2005 through a mutual friend named, AJ. Marc was with his best friend, Mike in the checkout line in Walmart (lol, don’t judge) which is where I was introduced to him. I had an immediate attraction to Marc.  Mike and Marc invited my friend and I to a little get together. AJ and I decided to head that way later.  I had butterflies in my stomach because I’m super shy when it comes to a guy that I could be into.  Plus, I had just started somewhat talking to someone and Marc was going on a date that night. Which once I found that out I was disappointed and left the party to go hang out with the guy I had started talking to. Come to find out, Marc had come back after the movie. The date was more of a friendly date apparently. But I firmly believe that timing is everything and if Marc and I had started seeing each other then, we probably wouldn’t be married today. I had a lot more life lessons to get through before I was ready for “the one.”  Plus, I was convinced someone as attractive as Marc would never be into me anyway.


I found out that he worked at the same mall as me and he came into where I worked the very next day to say hello and invite me to hang out with all of them again. I had a date that night so I passed even though I REALLY would’ve preferred hanging out with him. From that point on we would always say hello when we’d pass each other going into work and whatnot. I still would go and hang out with a lot of the people in that group so I got to see him from time to time. I even remember attempting to flirt with him at some point and it was super corny and dorky. Basically, he had no idea that’s what I was trying to do.

A year passes and I had been seeing that same guy from earlier but was miserable. Have you ever dated someone for so long and have no idea why?! Yea, that was me. We made no sense together and he was all sorts of wrong for me and I was wrong for him too. Well, my friend AJ and I went into where Marc worked one afternoon and Marc knew the guy I was dating and asked how we were doing.  I replied in a not very convincing way, “we’re okay.” Marc had a disappointed look and said, “damn” as he walked away. AJ was standing next to me and I looked right at him with a confused, yet excited look and said, “ what did that mean?” He said, “I told you he liked you!” I NEVER remember him telling me that but maybe I was too distracted in my horrible relationship that I wasn’t hearing him?! Who knows ha ha! All I know is that interaction helped motivate me to get out of the relationship I was in because it helped me realize that I deserved better. I had never lost interest in Marc but like I said timing was never perfect for us. We ended up starting to chat on AIM (remember that?!). Then we started hanging out and became inseparable.


We started seeing each other regularly in early December of 2006 and haven’t left each other’s side since then. When we hung out I had never laughed so much in my life and felt more myself than I ever had. It took some getting used to not having a jealous and overbearing boyfriend but I got used to it and it felt wonderful. The one good thing that came from past relationships is that I learned how horrible it is dealing with a jealous mate and I knew I never wanted anyone to deal with that from me. So see, life lessons had to occur because I had jealousy and trust issues from being cheated on in the past as well. The guy before Marc helped me realize how stupid it was to be jealous. He would question anything I ever did. He almost tried to stop me from hanging out with my very best friend, AJ simply because he was a guy. Thank God I didn’t lose sight too much because I didn’t listen to him when it came to what friends I could and couldn’t hang out with.


Back to the important story. I grew so much while dating Marc. I learned to have confidence in myself and how to express my emotions. I was comfortable with who I was. I came from an upbringing where we never talked about our feelings when we were upset about something and he came from very opposite. Although it was hard for me to learn it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I always avoided confrontation because it intimidated me but he helped teach me that we could solve problems through talking our feelings out. What a weird concept (lol kidding).


We knew after three months of dating that we wanted to marry one another, but it wasn’t until about a year into our dating that Marc proposed. It was the perfect proposal for us, he asked and I was smitten and giggly and said yes!  Then we slow danced to “our song” and we ate the dinner he made.  We ended up moving in together and got married slightly over a year later in October of 2008. There’s a lot more that happened from then up until now but it’s been the best journey and we continue to learn so much from one another.

After being married for five years we were surprised with a new adventure. I was expecting our little Harper. We knew we wanted children but we didn’t know when. God apparently knew we needed her in our life because he blessed us with her in 2012. And guess what? We continue to learn more and more about one another and Harper makes our life more complete! She’s the perfect mix of the two of us.



My advice to anyone reading this is to always make sure and laugh with the person you love. When you’re upset with one another, talk it out. Don’t scream and yell…talk. It’s not an easy thing to do all the time but it helps. I truly believe Marc and I have never had a huge fight because we’ve learned to talk to each other and put any anger or frustration aside enough to just talk it out. I don’t know how we manage to do it, but we do. And that is what I think the key to marriage is, simply talking. And just always remember that relationships are just one imperfect person loving another imperfect person.  Oh! And one final word of advice….ALWAYS listen to your best friends when it comes to your dating relationships. They know what’s best for you. And lastly, be with someone that brings the best out of you and believes in you!


Your Faithful Dreamer,


The Tale of the Cable Knit Sweater


I love a good cable knit sweater. But how many different ways can you style it? Here’s a few images to inspire you to think outside the whole jeans and sweater bubble.  The top images are the no-brainer way to wear it. But my gray, heavily distressed denim helps make it look less preppy and edges it up a tick. I also loved pairing cognac colored shoes to add some warmth to the look.


The next image I just added a black blazer to jazz it up. You could even pair a nice heel with this and switch to black pants for a more professional look.


Here I switched out my shoes to leopard flats and wore a lightweight khaki jacket. A more fun and casual look. I even switched up my hair-do for a more relaxed look.


Now I’ve styled it with a flannel, boyfriend style button-up top to add a different type of layer. I stuck with the leopard flats to show how you can mix patterns in a more subtle way. I also wore my glasses to give it a different vibe.


Lastly, I tied the flannel shirt around my waist and tossed my hair up in a messy pony tail for an easy, effortless look. I wore the same jewelry in every look to show that it works for all styles. The necklace is from Wit & Whimzy and it’s made by Chastina. A new favorite! As always feel free to send any questions my way for styling tips or share pics with me on how you styled your cable knit sweater. You can always tag @randomosity740 on Instagram too 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Celebrate Your Milestones



Well, it’s official! A personal goal has been reached. It started with a vision which lead to a sketch and has now become a reality. Wow! What a feeling. As you know I love everything and anything to do with fashion but I’ve always dreamt of being a creator, a fashion designer. I took a few fashion illustration classes in grad school and enjoyed it but never mastered the skill in my mind. But then I realized the sketch for a design is all about a concept and doesn’t have to be perfect. Below is my initial sketch for the dress you see me wearing. I love anything leather-like. It makes me feel empowered. And I love lace because it’s so feminine. 72CE5789-66C8-4D73-B1C4-E7F65389FD05.jpeg

I posted this sketch on Instagram one day over a year ago and a manufacturing company had messaged me stating if I ever wanted to produce this look to give them a call. Now, I don’t know how many of you believe in things happening for a reason but I sure think that way. Rather than thinking they’re just reaching out to me because they want to make money, I decided to view it as an opportunity. Not necessarily meaning that I need to mass produce this design but I should definitely produce at least one and give it a shot; bring my sketch to reality.  I put lots of thought into the details of this dress and who I could reach out to that has the skills to help me. I took a few sewing classes but not enough for me to feel confident in constructing something like this so I reached out to an old friend, Allison Dittebrand. I hadn’t seen her in years but because of the power of Facebook I’ve been able to keep up with her life and knew that she went to fashion design school. I chatted with her and we decided that yes, she could do it. We went over the details and what it would cost to produce something like this. Well, at the time I didn’t have any additional income to spend on something like this but I was blessed enough to have someone in my life that believed in me and what I was wanting to do. She gifted me a check to cover the expenses for this and her name is LeAnn. Talk about an overwhelming feeling of having someone believe in you enough to help a dream come true. So, LeAnn if you’re reading this, you have NO idea what that meant to a gal like me.

Things started to get real for me. Okay, this is supposed to happen. So here is the reality of what goes into producing a custom dress made from patterns that you can’t buy at a JoAnn’s. Allison fit all the different pieces to fit my actual body and then had to produce two different sample dresses; one to see if the item fit my body properly and the second to see if the type of fabrics I wanted to use would work properly together. She was PHENOMENAL and she put a lot of hours into making this happen.


Unfortunatley, Allison did what she could but got very busy with school and wasn’t going to be able to finish it very soon and suggested maybe I try doing the final dress. I loved that she felt I could do that but I wanted to leave that to a professional ha ha! But thank you Alli!! I was asking around town seeing if anyone knew of a person that could do something like this. I had all the things that were needed to complete it; fabric, pattern and me! And what do you know, my dear friend Andi Roberts mentioned that her mother, Sheila Roberts knew how to sew but she didn’t live here. I was bummed but wasn’t giving up just yet. Well guess what ended up happening? Sheila moved to Marietta and I got to talk to her about my dress and she was confident in being able to construct the final dress for me. Hallelujah!! I was overwhelmed with excitement and couldn’t get over how the universe, God or whomever you believe in was allowing these little doors to open to make this happen for me. I have a faith in God and I knew it had to do with him allowing a dream of mine to come true. Well listen to this…it gets even more exciting! My wonderful friend and makeup artist, Tonya Winebrenner fell in love with my dress and wanted to be part of this special vision of mine. She did my makeup in these photos and nailed it! I told her my vision and she rocked my world with her skill. Hair and all!


The final portion of this story is behind who took my photos. Her name is Kelsey Preston and I met her through social media of all things. I follow her and her husband who is also a local fashion influencer on instagram, Ashton Preston. We would comment on each other’s photos but nothing much more than being friendly through comments. I got a message one day from Kelsey asking if I would ever be interested in letting her test a new lens for her camera on me and how she would enjoy photographing a female fashion lover. I jumped at the opportunity because 1. I think she’s pretty awesome and I enjoy following her on Instagram. 2. What a perfect opportunity to get my dress photographed! Divine intervention? I think so lol❤️


I share all of this with you because of course I’m celebrating and happy that I achieved a goal of mine. But I also hope you are inspired and realize that when you have a goal or dream, watch for signs, believe in yourself and never give up. Persevere.

I chose the fabrics I did because behind every darkness in your life there lies a rainbow. So when life has you down look for those glimpses of light that can turn into your personal rainbow.

Your Faithful Dreamer,



It’s Freaking Cold!



It’s Friday! And it’s freaking cold outside. I always struggle with how to dress when it’s freezing outside because I still want to be fashionable. So here are a few things I consider  before braving the cold.

Location. Am I going to a friend’s house, out to dinner, a movie or out to a bar? And wherever I’m going will there be a place for me to store my coat? Take for instance this first image. Here, I’m wearing the warmest coat I own because again, today was VERY cold. I love layering because you have options for when the temperature changes. I hate when I go in and out of different room temperatures which is why layering is key.


I wore this faux leather jacket under the above winter coat so that I had another option to stay warm. For instance, when you go to a restaurant it’s still typically cold inside but who wants to eat in a bulky jacket?



Here’s the jacket styled in a different way so that I don’t have to feel completely bundled up.  I would wear this specific jacket out to a bar because I can buckle it up to stay warm when heading home.



Finally, here is the bottom layer; a cowl neck sweater from a local shop called Teri Ann’s in Marietta, Ohio about a year ago. I paired it with a statement necklace. I love using neutral tones and brightening it up with a white accent. This sweater is perfect to wear anywhere when it’s under layers because it’s cozy, yet trendy.



I took a side shot of this because I love the subtle hi-low look especially with the button-fly denim. This is a nice and simple style to go with and wear just about anywhere.

Do you have a favorite sweater? And how do you stay warm in the winter while still enjoying outdoor activities?

Your Faithful Dreamer,