A New Normal



So many goals, so little time.  That’s how I feel nowadays. Now that I am a mom of two time is not something I have much of but I am okay with that.  I’m now back to work full-time and missing my babies but cherish the time I have with them when I am home.  I have to laugh at the thought of me thinking I would have so much time to dedicate to my blog while on maternity leave.  Clearly I forgot how time consuming an infant can be.  The surprising part is that I was not too upset about it because I got to bond with my baby boy, Sawyer.  But here I am!  Back to it and trying to make this blogging thing part of my new normal (as I stop and nurse Sawyer while writing this post).  This blog post is all about catching you up on life and showcasing one of my new products in my shop and how to style it multiple ways.  This first look is my sporty styled look.  I paired my puma sneakers and black denim jacket with this romper from my shop; perfect for running around town.


Next, I styled it with a short-sleeve button-down top with a pattern to make it a more interesting look and wore my loafers and sunglasses to complete the look.


This time I ditched the layer and added a fedora and different accessories.


And now a look for date-night or a mom’s night out with the gals.  I love an accent color with black and white so I paired it with fuchsia and this cool patterned handbag.


Speaking of my new normal, I still bring Harper with me to my mini-shoots because she actually enjoys partaking and also found some time to “fish” while waiting on me (LOL)!  I absolutely adore this cute dress from Zara Kids and Harper looks WAY better in my fedora than I do 🙂



So for those of you that follow my fashion journey, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me while I figure out my new normal.  Time may not always be on my side but I won’t forget about my goals in life especially with now two sets of little eyes on me.  I always want to make my kids proud and want to prove that if you want something bad enough you should always persevere and keep at it.

Shop my romper here.

Your Faithful Dreamer,


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