Free Summer Fun😎



This post is for all the Mama Bears out there trying to keep balance in their kid’s life. It’s summertime and that means days at the pool, going to the movies, camping trips, going to the playground and LOTS of ice cream! I find a hard time creating balance for Harper because I know how exciting it is for summer to be here for kiddos. But I also know how important it is to keep an educational balance so she doesn’t forget a lot of what she learned at school.  So here is what I recommend.


The public library!! It’s a wondrous place because of the bright, vibrant colors and the cute decor in the kid section. I find this spikes curiosity and excitement for Harper and a little for Sawyer already (he was gazing up at the solar system in this pic).


I may risk sounding like an idiot but I didn’t realize all of the different learning tools you can check out from the library. My one question to the librarian about how to pick out the correct level for Harper’s reading level (I figured out I was getting a level too advanced for her grade level) turned into me asking about other learning tools. Harper struggles in math so I asked about anything they might have for helping her with that. Low and behold there’s a section for that too! 😆 I was happy to find out about the different styles of learning aides there. I chose a DVD for math because Harper is a movie watcher (she is participating with the DVD as I type! I think I’ve tricked her into studying Math😂). I also found  a better reader book that works for her too (there were quite a few different ones).


While I searched for these tools Harper would look through books and I always let her pick out one DVD for fun which is usually something old school like Tom & Jerry or Charlie Brown (I dig her throwback style).


I also let her spend no more than 30 minutes on the computer because they are all learning games too.


Also, I had a great view while walking around 😆


And this photo loving mom could’t resist the rocket ship cutout for a photo-op.  We also  took home this bag of goodies (aka books and DVD’s).


Our favorite library is the Washington County Public Library off of 4th and Washington Street  by Washington Elementary in Marietta, Ohio. We love this one because it sits right next to one of her favorite playgrounds! She likes to break a sweat both mentally and physically (lol). And I just have to add that this girl loves her dresses and insisted on wearing this dress to not only go to the library in but also play on the playground.🤷🏼‍♀️


I’m always looking for free activities to do and this is the perfect one! Win-win. Knowing all the tools that the library offers has really helped me out because I’m not a great teacher for her. She tends to just want to play with me or “do something fun” so this has been a lifesaver for me! Our few trips a month may now increase to once a week this summer. Hope someone found this helpful! They also have different activities that go on there too but we haven’t made it to one yet. I’d love to hear from other parents too. What activities do you like to do that incorporate learning?

Your Faithful Dreamer,