Hey you, welcome to 2021. We see and hear it all the time, New Year, New You!  Well if you’re anything like me I’m not looking to be a new me, just a continual work in progress to be the best version of myself. Progress, not perfection is our family motto.  

How often do you say to yourself, “I’m too busy” or “life is just so crazy!?”  I know these phrases frequently spew from my mouth (probably too much). Many times I’m mindlessly scrolling my phone in between working, the kids, cooking, tending to the dog, sometimes exercising (lol) etc.  This pandemic has made it spiral out of control.  I mention this because if you find yourself online shopping/browsing for clothing often, or googly-eyed over someone’s style on social media or tv I can help free up some of that scrolling time with my newest service, Style Society.  Here are some popular topics I cover with my clients:

Style Society is a monthly style club with yours truly.  Imagine having me at your beck and call every month when you’re needing style guidance. You know those times you’re shopping and asking yourself which top to purchase or if you really need this item or goodness, what color??  I’m here for ya!

So tell me, are you ready to continue being a work in progress with me?  This service is $49.00/month and below is a link to book a FREE style consultation. Maybe you’re not sure if this would make sense for you.  Let’s chat and see!  I’m NEVER going to try and sell you something that I don’t think you need.  I’ve actually had consultations where I’ve informed the potential client that my services aren’t needed because I solve the problem in the moment.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Your Style Gal Pal,
Courtney Smith

Lifestyle Files

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