A New Normal



So many goals, so little time.  That’s how I feel nowadays. Now that I am a mom of two time is not something I have much of but I am okay with that.  I’m now back to work full-time and missing my babies but cherish the time I have with them when I am home.  I have to laugh at the thought of me thinking I would have so much time to dedicate to my blog while on maternity leave.  Clearly I forgot how time consuming an infant can be.  The surprising part is that I was not too upset about it because I got to bond with my baby boy, Sawyer.  But here I am!  Back to it and trying to make this blogging thing part of my new normal (as I stop and nurse Sawyer while writing this post).  This blog post is all about catching you up on life and showcasing one of my new products in my shop and how to style it multiple ways.  This first look is my sporty styled look.  I paired my puma sneakers and black denim jacket with this romper from my shop; perfect for running around town.


Next, I styled it with a short-sleeve button-down top with a pattern to make it a more interesting look and wore my loafers and sunglasses to complete the look.


This time I ditched the layer and added a fedora and different accessories.


And now a look for date-night or a mom’s night out with the gals.  I love an accent color with black and white so I paired it with fuchsia and this cool patterned handbag.


Speaking of my new normal, I still bring Harper with me to my mini-shoots because she actually enjoys partaking and also found some time to “fish” while waiting on me (LOL)!  I absolutely adore this cute dress from Zara Kids and Harper looks WAY better in my fedora than I do 🙂



So for those of you that follow my fashion journey, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me while I figure out my new normal.  Time may not always be on my side but I won’t forget about my goals in life especially with now two sets of little eyes on me.  I always want to make my kids proud and want to prove that if you want something bad enough you should always persevere and keep at it.

Shop my romper here.

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Studio 54 Fashion Inspo


Alright, MOV ladies! It’s less than two months away for the Studio 54 themed Sparkly Ladies Night soirée with Hot Tomato. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, make sure you do so….like NOW. Look here’s the link to make it easy on you because there’s a limited amount left. If you’re like me, I LOVE a good theme party and I like to plan in advance because I don’t always have a ready-to-wear garment for said theme. I’ve collected some images on the handy-dandy internet for some inspiration.


Now you’ve probably already googled “Studio 54 fashion” but let’s talk about how you’re going to recreate it like a boss! First and foremost when I think of this era I think gold lame, wrap dresses, jumpsuits, showing some skin, flowy dresses, plunge necklines, dolman sleeves, bangles, and platform shoes. But let’s start with color. What is your power color or one that you love but don’t typically wear? I love bold colors but don’t own a lot. Here are a few images to inspire you to use color.

These chicks are ROCKIN’ some beautiful hues. Look at the details in what they are wearing. Best thing about these looks? Everything these ladies are wearing can be worn on any body type with the right fit for the garment and appropriate accessories. For example, let’s say you love your curves but don’t love your arms. You can throw on a shrug or cape to conceal what you don’t love.

Now, I also think of fur when it comes to this era. Lucky for you faux fur can be found just about anywhere right now. I recently found a great jacket at TJ Maxx that I plan on pairing with a dress that is a multi-colored faux fur coat. Just remember even though Studio 54 was all about show-stopping fashion, not every person that frequented the venue was into being “over-the-top,” you can be subtle too. Maybe pick a piece that has a really special feature, such as something with more structure or sequins. Or maybe you want to stick with the basics-wide leg pants with a fitted top. For this specific event though, don’t forget to doll it up with some layered sparkle. Or maybe you’re not into a feminine look and are inspired by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. If so, go for a menswear look. I love a well-portrayed menswear look on a female. There’s  nothing wrong with an androgynous look with your style. In fact, that can be show stopping too because it’s not as expected and very powerful!

Just remember to have fun with a theme party and be confident in what you choose to wear. The last thing you want to happen is not be happy with your look and let it discourage you from either attending or having fun at the party. As a courtesy I’ll be available via Facebook messenger and Instagram  (@randomosity740) or email (randomosity740@gmail.com) if you would like some tips or feedback on what to pair with something you have in mind.  Or maybe you have no idea what you should wear or where to shop. Hit me up! I’m here to help.

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Rocker Style-Never Grow Up


I love me some rock music, but when you get to be 34, it makes it a little harder to feel like it’s appropriate. But the fashion stylist side of me is saying, “you can make it appropriate, don’t let your age dictate your personal style!” So here’s my spin on an age-appropriate rocker look!


I paired one of my favorite band tees with a pair of black denim from Express and a black blazer from H&M.  To add a little more edge I knotted the tee (throwback from my Hot Topic days) and wore studded shoes and cross body bag.

I loved these Native American inspired earrings to add more metal in my accessories. I also liked the little bit of color. These earrings were a Christmas present from an adorable boutique in Lewisburg, WV called Wolf Creek Gallery.


What style do you think you’re too old for but would like to still incorporate in your wardrobe?

Your Faithful Dreamer,



Tropical Winter

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I think we can all agree that the weather has been quite crazy this season in the Mid-Ohio Valley. In the 20’s one day and the 60’s the next. It has inspired me to show you how to wear a summer garment in the winter.



I love these tropical shorts and the reason these shorts work for the winter is because they are made of a polyester blend fabric; suitable for all seasons. I mixed this velvet bodysuit (which I swore I would never buy one because I wore bodysuits in elementary school. But, the good thing about them? They never untuck! This is why I decided to buy one. Plus it can be a challenge to find appropriate form-fitting shirts).


I then decided to pair these fuschia, suede, strappy heels to complete this look. I wore fleece-lined tights to keep my legs warm as well. Don’t be afraid to wear open toed shoes in the winter with tights. These are a good example because they are suede.


I love this look because I tend to wear dark colors in the winter and playing with bold prints  and bright colors can be fun! This was new for me so why don’t you challenge yourself and give it a try 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,


Fashion in the Park



Here I am in Muskingum Park in Marietta, Ohio; one of my favorite spots.  I love it so much I got married here in 2008.  There’s such a great energy here where I feel safe and free!  Which brings me to honoring our Vets this past Friday.  I’m wearing patriotic colors and paying tribute to last week’s post by wearing a scarf as a bow tie.


I always like to show how to wear one look at least two different ways.  Here I switched out the heels for booties and tied my “bow tie” scarf around my waist to serve a a belt. Did I mention I found the shirt at Zonta’s Unique Boutique for $2.00, the scarf was $0.50 and the coat you see in the first image was $5.00!  I also got a hand bag, necklace, another scarf and one more top and only spent a grand total of $10.50!  Unique Boutique is an event that is meant to help fund organizations that assist women and children. What a great way to shop for a cause!


Check out the details on the neckline of this blouse<3!


Your Faithful Dreamer,




Layering 101

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I love this leopard print sweater and I like to jazz it up with different layering pieces. This faux leather vest helps me channel my inner rocker chick (lol). I may be 34 but age is just a number baby! Never too old for studs. Please also take note I didn’t go with an obvious black shoe. I chose to go with a suede neutral taupe heel.


This is obviously an easy look; a sweater and jeans. When I got this sweater I didn’t love how it was crop-like but I loved the print. Don’t get me wrong I love a crop top when done correctly, but this length is a little more difficult to pull off. I decided to use a textured tank underneath to add dimension and length to the look so that I would feel more comfortable.


This layering technique is a little different in the fact of how I am using two different patterns. I love how the leopard print sleeves act as a peek-a-boo with the oversized sweater. I’m not going to be cold wearing this! This may not be a look for everybody, but maybe it will inspire you to mix patterns or layer sweaters. I view leopard print as a chic, neutral print that can be paired with other prints. I also believe stripes and polka dots operate the same way.


This shows how layering can be purposeful. I took the leopard sweater off and tied it around my waist. I now have a textured tank top that will help cool me down when I might be entering a different climate. I feel like I am NEVER a comfortable temperature so this look works out wonderfully for me.

If you need some pointers on more layering techniques and playing with textures or different prints, feel free to comment below and we can discuss what will work best for you. 🙂