Downtown Gal



My favorite kind of looks are the ones that you can wear multiple ways (if you couldn’t tell already lol). Here, I’m wearing a pencil dress but layered it with a sweater and tied it on the side to cinch the waistline rather than wearing a belt.  I used my faux leather jacket to give the look a bit of an edge and my black booties.  Originally, I was going to wear black studded pumps but opted to wear my booties instead a.) because I love them and my sister got them for me as a present and b.) I wanted to show that you can wear a bootie with tights and a dress.


Now, I’ve taken off the sweater and tied it around my waist to give it a different layering look.  This dress is sleeveless so you can do the same look in the warmer months without tights and a jacket.  Then, throw on some fun heels and a lightweight cardigan around your waist for when you enter into cooler environments like restaurants. See what I did there?  Another favorite thing I do with my clothing is style things that I can wear during every season as long as I layer it purposefully.


Here’s the first look without the jacket so you can see what the layered sweater looks like.

What clothing do you have in your closet that you could wear multiple ways?  I guarantee there’s something in there. Is it a patterned skirt you always pair with the same top?  Or maybe it’s your “go-to” dress for special occasions that you need to freshen up. If you want some fashion tips on a piece, drop me a line on my contact page and I’d be glad to give you some advice 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,