As Maria would sing, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”



One of my favorite movies is Sound of Music so when I have the opportunity to sing “My Favorite Things” I do it!  When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad! I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad!  So what are my favorite things you ask?  Well, let me start by saying what I love most about Christmas.  I love the magic it creates especially since I have my own little family. With that being said one of my family’s favorite spots to shop in downtown Marietta, Ohio is Dad’s Primitive Workbench. It’s even more special during any holiday because there are so many wonderful themed items!  Usually I am posting about fashion but for this time of year I want to share some of the special things that Dad’s Primitive Workbench offers that are my favorite things! 🙂



I know I said this wouldn’t be a fashion post, but I HAD to include this cute tote bag ($19.95) and matching pouch ($9.95). And can we talk about how adorable these stockings are?!  We got four matching ones to hang by the chimney with care!



I  love wall décor and the personality it can bring to your home.  These two specifically speak to me because I will forever be a dreamer and encourage others to do so.  Then when I saw this cute sign, “2+2=Love” I fell, well in love!  Perfect timing.  With our new addition coming along soon it was the perfect buy. Only $8.00 and you can request custom pieces from this vendor (ask Charlie about it).



Apple butter ($5.95) has always reminded me of childhood because my Mawmaw used to make it homemade.  Sadly, I never learned how to myself so when I came across this apple butter at Dad’s Primitive my heart instantly warmed because the joy it gave me when I was a kid.  And for those of you that don’t know, my husband is diabetic and when there are options that have “no sugar added” that’s a huge plus!



For as long as I can remember, my mom and I would bake candy cane cookies from scratch and leave them for Santa along with a tall glass of milk.  We’d place them on our coffee table by the tree.  It was my absolute favorite thing to do and I’m honored to carry on the tradition in my home.  There was nothing more magical than waking up to find that some of the cookies had been eaten and the milk was gone! Then to find a letter from Santa thanking me for the cookies.  It honestly brings a smile to my face just writing about it.  So how perfect are these cuties to implement in this type of tradition?!  These ceramic pieces are adorable and so appropriate for something such as this.  I also love the spatula with the cookie cutter because it’s themed and could be labeled as “magic” if you wanted to ONLY use it to bake Christmas cookies.  On the other side of the spatula it has a table of measurements too!

(Cookie Plate: $9.95 Milk Carton: 9.95 Spatula $7.95)


And look!  A cute snowman mug ($9.95) for parents to enjoy while watching their kids open presents on Christmas day.  I LOVE hot chocolate so check out Frosty’s pouch that can hold marshmallows or even peppermints if you like those to melt in your drink too! Yum, yum, yum!  Great, now I want some hot chocolate.



It’s probably no secret that I am a fan of Perfectly Pink products because the smells are absolutely intoxicating.  This Moscato scent is perfect for this pregnant mama since I can’t drink wine right now.  At least I can enjoy bathing in it (lol)!  These products can be found across the MOV and beyond including Dad’s Primitive Workbench.

(Polish $15.00 Hand Soap $8.00)


Now excuse me while I enjoy my view from the couch right now.  Oh, so cozy!  Thank you, Charlie for always offering an eclectic mix of product.  Perfect fit for my eclectic life!

Your Faithful Dreamer,




Top Shop and Drop It



I love when spring fashion arrives in stores. All of the bright colors and sense of ahh, warm weather ahead. Green is one of my favorite colors. It brings a sense of cheer to my soul. It reminds me of the lovely smell of fresh cut grass and the leaves on the trees.


I obtained this vibrant floral top from Target. The funny thing is, here I just shared how much I love the color green, yet don’t own a lot of it in my closet.

What I loved most about this top is the surprising versatility. Here I am wearing it with a favorite pair of denim I recently purchased on a trip to Chicago. I like to tuck the front of my flowy tops into my pants to give it a little more interest.


What I loved most about this denim and what made it so special is that it was:

1. A simple way of showing skin to feel a little sexy while the details in the cuff were a little more raw. I loved the moto style of them as well.

2. I found them at Top Shop and I had never been inside this store. Needless to say I was very excited because I have always drooled over their clothing online. I don’t purchase a lot of clothing online because I want to try things on so this was a major treat for me.


The second look I produced with this top was pairing it with one of my favorite leather skirts from Macy’s. When I lived in Columbus I frequented Macy’s sale rack on my lunch breaks and this was one of my finds! I love that this look creates a little more drama.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably notice that I love any type of leather type look. The psychology behind that, in my mind, is that I am not a demanding or overly serious person by nature. Wearing styles like this is my way of showing that I CAN have a more serious and domineering side when I want to. Yet, another thing I love about fashion. You can portray a certain personality just through the clothes you wear.

What trend or style makes you feel powerful? As always, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Your Faithful Dreamer,





Psst!  Hey you…yea, you! Have you ever seen the movie, Clueless and wish you had Cher’s computer program that helped her pick out her #ootd?  Well, I have a treat for you. I came across this app called GlamOutfit on my iPhone and will continue to talk about how fantabulous (yes, fantastic and fabulous put in one word) it is in my fashion workshops. And well, anyone else that might be interested; the mailman, barista, or someone in line at the grocery store?  Who knows!? I love it because you can upload your entire closet along with accessories and shoes to keep a running inventory of what you own.  You can request people to “style you” which is great for when you feel overwhelmed about what you should wear for a certain occasion. Or maybe you want to see what other people would put together.  You know how easy it is for us to be “so over” our clothes.  Sometimes it just takes an outsider looking at your closet with a fresh set of eyes.

Here’s what using the app looks like:

1.) Upload images of your clothing and it will allow you to categorize it by color and subject (i.e. top, bottom, shoes, etc)


**PLEASE NOTE** the “style me” icon at the bottom center of the above image.  This is where you can request someone to style you.  The hanger icon is your closet and the shopping bag icon is where you can shop from the app for additional items you may need.


This is what the page looks like where you can create the filters to categorize your clothing.


Once you put together a look you can also schedule a time to wear what was created.  This works out perfectly for vacations or if you are a pre-planner in general.


When you click on the shopping bag icon it takes you to the shopping page which looks like this. It’s also categorized by using a filter button by topic.  This is perfect for those times when you need an item to go with the one piece you thought you could wear a lot, only to find out that it wasn’t the right color. Do you return it or find something else to go with it?  If it is a special enough piece, look for something else to pair it with in your closet.


You can also add a “selfie” image to your “outfits” section so you remember what you put together and how it looked (the above image).

All-in-all this app has been great.  I actually am one of the stylists for this app so I can go in and style YOU!  This is a free app and is meant to help you organize your wardrobe and feel good about your clothing and look at them a little differently.

The two main ways I use this app are to style people and take it with me when I go shopping.  What better way to know if that beautiful shirt you picked out is going to go with anything else you own? Or is it too similar to what you already have?  To me, this is the smart way of shopping.

I’m sure there are many other ways this app can be used, but for me this is how I use it and it is s very handy tool.  Good luck and I hope you enjoy the GlamOutfit app! Let me know if you try it and how you like it?

Your Faithful Dreamer,