Favorite Spring Trends


Spring and fall fashion are my favorite seasons of fashion because you get to layer clothing and experiment with new trends.  Check out some of my favorite trends for spring and summer below.


The denim ruffle dress is a hot trend this coming season and it is the perfect layering item.  To give the dress a different look you could pair it with this tribal, tassel scarf.  This is a great piece in the springtime because it gives you that extra layer of warmth when needed.

The ruffle trend carries over in this beautiful maxi dress that incorporates the cold-shoulder look.  Exposing the shoulders can be such a subtle, sexy look for the springtime.  I also love it paired with something like this choker because it’s unexpected yet brings a different element to the look.  You could also throw on a black leather jacket and combat boots to give it an edgy appeal during those iffy spring days.

This adorably sweet shirt-style shift dress is perfect for spring.  You can pair it with a brown belt and blouse it over and wear it with skinny jeans or simply keep it as is and wear a long pendant or statement necklace.  And of course pair it with some rad sunglasses.

Overall the trends to watch for this coming season and summer are the ruffles and floral prints.  As I always say, make sure and mix it up, experiment with your style and start with some of the above items to build your spring wardrobe!

Your Faithful Dreamer,